Name Effect Description
Champion Egg +1 Level A large reddish-brown egg with a nearly palpable aura surrounding it.
Dextrous Egg +1 Dexterity This hard-shelled egg is said to improve the defense of the one who eats it.
Divine Egg +10 Alignment This egg is positively radiant; alight and enchanted with overwhelming goodwill.
Egg of Balance +1 Dexterity
+1 Wisdom
A sense of well being settles over you as you contemplate this small oval object.
Egg of Chaos  ??? This egg seems to transform constantly beneath your gaze and within your palm: light to dark, warm to cold, never keeping constant attributes. It's curious...but is it safe?
Egg of Endurance +1 Strength
+1 Vitality
This egg feels somehow denser than the others you have come across.
Egg of Energy +0.5 Current Energy A small egg, bright yellow in colour.
Egg of Experience +(Level x 10) EXP In this hard brown egg lie the whispers of tests, triumphs, and defeat.
Egg of Free Will +1 AP Holding this slightly glowing egg in your hands, your choices seem limitless.
Egg of Health +10 Current HP This egg is said to offer nourishment.
Egg of Intelligence +1 Wisdom
+1 Vitality
This vibrant, heavy egg seems to possess mystical wisdom.
Egg of Knowledge +1 Wisdom This dull egg sheds the mystery of unlocked mysticism.
Egg of Life +2 Max HP This small pink egg glows softly with a steady sustaining force.
Egg of Physical Power +1 Strength As you grasp this firm blue egg, a sense of strength slowly pulses through your body.
Egg of Magical Affinity +2 Max MP A prize to be favored by mages across the land. This egg allows you to cast more spells before retreating from battle.
Egg of Magus +10 Current MP A mild egg used to give you a quick boost of spell casting ability in times of dire need.
Egg of Power +1 Strength
+1 Dexterity
There seems to be a hidden strength in this egg.
Egg of Vigor +2 Max HP
+0.5 Max Energy
This egg fairly exudes energy and health.
Egg of Vitality +1 Vitality As you hold this egg, its vibrant nature invigorates and empowers you.
Energetic Egg +0.5 Max Energy This large yellow egg is said to fill those who eat it with great stamina, allowing them to continue on where others would need to rest.
Golden Egg 1-10,000 Crowne An egg that promises wealth to those willing to gamble on fortune.
Malevolent Egg -10 Alignment This small reddish egg seems to be very warm to the touch.
Egg Bundle Assortment A large, hollow easter egg shell with some special goodies inside!