Hounzalids start as Adventurers, gifted with specific abilities upon creation of their character. Edit

  • Passive abilities are automatic and do not need to be manually selected. Hounzalid Adventurers begin with 4, as compared to the 2 that the other races begin with: Alchemist (50% increased effectiveness from HP/MP potions), Tribal Strength (10% Str bonus), Magic Dissonance (50% resistance to Fire, Water, Air, Stone, Nature), and Outsider (15% price increase at NPC merchants).
  • Active abilities must be selected specifically, and the Hounzalid Adventurer starts out with Alpha's Might (10% increased Attack for 1 hour)

At level 10 the Hounzalid will choose their first class to promote into. The promotion path for each class is as follows: Edit

  • The Raider is strong enough to wield the largest of two handed weaponry; Raiders easily overwhelm their opponents with massive blows. At level 25 the Raider promotes to the Marauder class, at level 50 the Barbarian class awaits, Berserker is available at level 75, and then your final promotion at level 100 gives you a choice: the Paragon or the Titan.
  • Agile and swift, the Tracker dual wields weapons or masters the bow. With lightning speed and precision, they unleash a barrage of strikes or arrows at their enemies. You'll promote to Scout at level 25, Strider at level 50, level 75 brings you to the Ranger class, and your final promo at 100 is your choice of Sharpshooter or Assassin.
  • A Warrior is resilient and stout; the shield is said to be the greatest asset. They have learned to use a shield to not only block attacks but to strike powerful blows to their enemies. Level 25 Warriors promote to Squires, followed by the Knight class at level 50. The next class is the Templar at 75, and the choices at level 100 are Crusader or Paladin.
  • Hounzalids have an exclusive path that rivals magic, the Herbalist. Incredibly intelligent yet unable to cast magic, the Herbalist relies on their knowledge of Evita to harvest and brew amazing potions. From acidic concoctions and paralytics to curatives and boons, the Herbalist has learned a magic all their own. Herbalists become Brewers at level 25, and then move on to the Bottler class at 50 and the Apothecary at level 75. Witch-Doctor and Alchemist are the classes to choose from at level 100.