Classes and abilities went through a massive overhaul in early 2018, making existing players Legacy. All the old promotions were disabled, and players' classes changed according to their highest base stat:

  • If Strength was highest, you became a Legacy Berserker.
  • If Dexterity was highest, you became a Legacy Ranger.
  • If Vitality was highest, you became a Legacy Templar.
  • If Wisdom was highest, you became a Legacy Mystic (or Legacy Apothecary if a Hounzalid).

Legacy players have no level cap. All spell tiers may be used for casting, but any spells deactivated since the overhaul are inaccessible.

A newly created character starts at level 1, is level capped at 99, and is stat capped at 1000. To work towards rebirth, collect marks from quests, starting in Vexilar's Garden with "Welcome to Evita!". Upon reaching level 99 and satisfying all the required quests and marks, the option to be reborn becomes available. Doing this removes Legacy status if you had it, raises the level cap by 25, raises the level required to be reborn again by 25, and raises the stat cap by 1000. Your stats are reset to level 1, all your gear is unequipped, your quest statuses and items are reset / removed, you get to keep 10% of your base stats, and you get to take one of the class skills with you as a permanent skill, regardless of what class line you choose this time around. If you take a skill more than once, it gains rank.

Various other things are affected by rebirth:

  • All experience gains are boosted by 5%
  • All crowne gains are boosted by 5%
  • The rate of elite monster encounters increases by 2%
  • The rate of boss monster encounters increases by 1%
  • Inventory capacity cap increases by 100 items
  • Enemies get stronger
  • Pet stats are scaled back to that of their masters
  • If this is your first time:
    • Crimson gear is toned down and has its stats reset
    • Legendary items become unusable
    • Anything locked away until your first rebirth unlocks!
  • However, Knowledge Levels on monsters, alignment, crowne, and all other items remain as they are.
  • You can be reborn up to 6 times currently; this is planned to be extended to 10 eventually