Missing Armbrace
Vital statistics
Start The Farm
End The Farm
Prerequisites Wis. 11+
Level 1+
Location The Farm, The Forest
Rewards Armbrace
Previous Next
None The Inne Supplies

As this is the very first Quest you can access in PhantasyRPG, the Missing Armbrace quest is none too difficult. Be wary however, that a part of the quest does require you to venture into The Forest, which can be a challenge for new adventurers. To start it, you must head to The Farm You must at least have 11 Wisdom before you can begin. This quest ties in with a future quest, the Mysterious Tree.



While this is a fairly simple quest, there are some precautions you should be aware of.

  • You should be at least Level 8 at minimum, the higher leveled you are, the better chance you have at surviving an ambush in the Forest.
  • You must also have at least 11 Wisdom.
  • Take advantage of the vast amount of Small Potions you can find in The Farm, as well as any Red Apples/Steak/Chicken Legs you find from encounters. They will surely help you to survive.