Training is the most useful thing to do. It is where you fight enemies to gain levels, become stronger, and promote classes in the game. The areas to train in include; Vexilar's Garden, The Sewers, The Farm, West of Cajar, The Deep Forest, The Eldron Bridge, The Dark Cave, The Crypt, The Southern Grasslands, Serazin Nest, The Ruins, and The Ruins Castle. As you train you will gain experience which will eventually cause you to gain levels. When you advance a level you gain 3 attribute points, (AP), that can be used to increase your character's strength, dexterity, vitality, and wisdom.

Strength controls how much damage you do in combat, and can limit which weapons you have access to. Simply, the stronger you are, the faster you will kill your opponents. Dexterity controls how fast you are and how good you are at dodging your opponents attacks. In simple terms, the higher your dexterity, the less damage you take. Vitality controls both your total hit points and your energy. Your hit points determine how much damage you can take before succumbing to your wounds. Your energy controls both how many combats you can engage in and how far you can travel without resting. Initially you will have five energy. A single combat will take .5 energy, and you only recover .2 energy per minute. So the more vitality you have, the more combats you have the energy to engage in, and more strength to survive. Wisdom controls your use of magic items. The higher your wisdom, the more magic you can use before resting.